“Dance first, think later. It’s the natural order.” Samuel Beckett

It’s not about dropping pounds and finding the elusive six-pack abs; it’s about the beginning–or continuation–of a healthy, fit lifestyle. What we do isn’t a quick fix. And what we do is so, so much better than a treadmill.

Dance fitness is more than dance and more than fitness. At Dance It Up we combine the fun of dancing and the thrill of fitness to not only create a fun exercise environment but also a less-traditional workout that will keep you entertained, challenged, and in a great mood. Dance fitness is for everyone, even if you’ve never danced a day in your life. Whether you have danced for a decade or only in the privacy of your own home, you are welcome in Dance It Up classes!

Whether you like pop music, rock, hip hop, samba, or any genre in between, our dance classes offer a variety of music and moves.

Class Schedule

Mondays: 7-8pm – Crews Road Recreation Center, 1201 Crews Road

Class Pricing

$7 drop-in
5 classes for $35
10 clases for $60

Why Dance Fitness?

That treadmill doesn’t care if you are enjoying your workout; Dance It Up does! We aim to provide a workout that not only makes you sweat but also makes you smile. The goal is always to make you feel better at the end of the hour than you did when you arrived and if you’re sore in the morning, we did something right. You don’t have to be an experienced dancer or have any background in exercise to be able to participate in any of our classes, just a desire to have a good time while you burn off calories. Smile, sweat, repeat!