Dance It Up

Welcome to Dance It Up CLT!

Dance It Up CLT is a dance fitness company that strives to make working out fun again. Say good-bye to your treadmill and hello to your new favorite playlists!

Whether you skipped walking and went right into dancing or have never danced a day in your life, Dance It Up CLT is for you! The choreography for each song is broken down into different levels of difficulty so you can follow along at your own pace; take it easy or challenge yourself to shake bigger, jump higher, move faster. From beginners to pros, we welcome you all!

Every class is different with music and moves ranging from hip hop to salsa to kick boxing to pop, and you’re guaranteed to enjoy the combination of fitness and fun at Dance It Up CLT. Find a class near you; bring your dancing shoes and something to tie your hair. We’ll see you on the dance floor!

Upcoming Events:
Mother’s Day Event
Step into Spring
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